Série Neighbors

Série samostatně fungujících, oddechových romancí. Každá kniha se soustředí na příběh jiného páru, ale postavy se v příbězích prolínají.

Knihy ze série NEIGHBORS vychází v angličtině.

Nightmare Neighbor

Nightmare Neighbor When Maddie first bumped into her new neighbor Alek (literally), things went south fast. Some could say it was hate at first sight. In real life, they can’t stand each other. But sparks start to fly when they match on a popular dating app and spend days messaging.

Maddie is determined to focus on her blossoming online romance, but the more Alek pushes her buttons, the deeper under her skin he gets. The line between hatred and attraction blurs, and Maddie has to decide—does she choose the safe option or fall head over heels for the hellish neighbor who isn’t so bad after all? And what happens when she finds out they are the same guy?

Nightmare Neighbor is a double POV, slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers romcom featuring online dating, plenty of witty banter, and an irresistible battle of wills.

Ukázka z knihy ke stažení [PDF]

978-80-908628-7-6 (e-kniha)
978-80-908693-2-5 (brožovaná vazba)

07.07.2022 (e-kniha)
17.10.2022 (brožovaná vazba)

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Připravujeme | Perfect Play

Perfect Play Meredith Lancaster works hard and plays even harder, her extracurricular activities earning her quite the reputation. She couldn’t care less—until her well-deserved promotion is on the line.

To secure the job of her dreams, Meredith strucks a deal with her smoking hot new neighbor. The rules are simple: It’s strictly business. No one can know the truth. It ends once they reach their goals. Keeping her distance from her fake boyfriend is easy enough, but when it comes to James Harrington, her annoyingly perfect, very off-limit boss? Not so much. Pushing his buttons is all fun until he pushes back, and the fire burning underneath his icy exterior leaves Meredith breathless and so very screwed. She started a game she can’t win.

Perfect Play is a double POV, opposites-attracts office romcom featuring fake dating, a strong, feisty heroine, and a hero that’ll swipe you off your feet.

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